Sound Solutions: How Generative AI is Enhancing Business Communication


(NewsUSA) - More than a third of the country’s workforce is working remotely. Business deals are being made virtually, leadership teams recording their all-staff presentations from the home office or hotel room, and social media staff are creating content on the go. Yet, with this flexibility comes significant business challenges. 

Executives want to ensure customer satisfaction in online meeting platforms and training modules as well as provide tools to their teams to create clear, distraction-free content. The challenge remains, how do virtual or hybrid teams maintain consistent quality with work-from-home distractions like dogs, kids, and other noise? For Tel-Aviv-based company, insoundz, generative AI is the answer.

“Generative AI Audio Enhancement is you only better. It is your voice without any of the distractions,” said Emil Winebrand, Co-Founder and CEO of insoundz. “Where predictive AI is trained to get the business the ‘right answer’ for an input. It is trained to be precise and deterministic; sometimes that's not enough. You may want your AI agent to create, without a clear deterministic input. That’s where Generative AI comes in.”

How does it work? As described on indsoundz website, “Our patented solution takes streamed or pre-recorded audio and video, then applies generative AI signal processing to output the same streams with greatly increased studio-like audio sound and proximity effect.”

Winebrand’s team works with businesses to correct any sound environment so companies keep the sound they want and remove everything else. With a longstanding history serving companies in the media and entertainment space, insoundz is now working with more B2B and B2C businesses asking for custom solutions. 

“We have more businesses coming to us because they are interested in improving their communication efficiency and productivity,” said Winebrand. For some, this will look like improved internal meeting presentations developing a deeper connection to remote employees. For others, this has a direct link to sales. Forbes contributor William Arruda said it best: “Despite having years to get good at online meetings and presentations, most salespeople aren’t fully skilled at captivating online.” insoundz believes their generative AI solution is the answer for many sales, executive, and even large-scale SaaS platforms.

Is generative AI the solution for all our remote and hybrid business challenges? Probably not, but like many AI applications it does offer time saving solutions to businesses looking for efficiencies without sacrificing quality.